5 Signs You Have a Pest Infestation and How to Respond

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No one likes the idea of sharing their home with unwanted guests, especially those of the rodent or insect variety. Unfortunately, ignoring the signs of a pest infestation can lead to serious problems for your health and property. It’s crucial to catch an infestation early to prevent it from spiraling out of control and call St. George Preventative Pest Control. This guide outlines five telltale signs of a pest invasion and provides actionable steps to address the situation swiftly and effectively.

Sign 1: Unusual Noises or Odors

One of the first indicators of a lurking pest infestation is strange noises or unusual odors emanating from areas where pests may hide. Rats and mice often move around your home at night, producing tiny but distinct sounds, such as scurrying, scratching, or squeaking. In contrast, cockroaches and termites worked away in silent stealth.

How to Identify the Sounds

It’s important to differentiate between the sounds of different pests. For example, termites can create a sort of hollow sound when they eat through wood, while rats move in sometimes audible scurrying patterns.

Responding to Unusual Noises

If these noises become a regular occurrence, it’s time to investigate. Start with the attic and basement. Use a flashlight to look for any signs of pests in these areas. If you can’t evaluate the issue on your own, professional pest control services can conduct a thorough inspection.

Sign 2: Visible Pest Droppings or Damage

Another clear indicator of an infestation is the presence of pest droppings or damage, which can often be found near their nests.

Identifying Droppings and Damage

Rat droppings are usually larger, while house mouse droppings are more like a grain of rice. Dark and cylindrical droppings could be cockroach feces. Structural damage to the home’s infrastructure can also be a sign of a larger issue, like termite infestations.

What to Do If You Find Droppings

When you find these remnants, avoid disturbing the area as much as possible, as disturbing the feces can lead to the spreading of bacteria. Instead, call pest control experts immediately. They can properly handle the situation and advise on cleanup protocols.

Sign 3: Pest Sightings

Spotting pests in your home might mean a more significant infestation than one might think.

Common Pest Sightings

Common pests you might encounter include cockroaches, ants, rodents, or spiders.

Taking Action Against Pests

The moment you spot a pest, it’s time to act. Try to identify the type of pest you’ve seen and research their habits and preferred environments. Then, focus on clearing any food sources or water they might be taking advantage of to deter further infestations.

Sign 4: Pest Nests or Burrows

Pests will make themselves at home by creating nests or burrows within the structure of your house. Discovering either of these may signify you have a serious infestation and likely more than one pest type.

Recognizing Nests and Burrows

Rats and mice may use insulation materials to build their nests, while termites will create tunnels through wood.

Dealing with Nests and Burrows

If you find signs of a cozy pest home, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to handle it on your own. Professional help is necessary not only to remove the burrow but to secure your home to prevent future infestations.

Sign 5: Bite Marks or Skin Irritation

This sign is not only an indication of a pest problem but is also an immediate concern for personal health.

Identifying Types of Bites or Irritation

Determining the cause of the bites or skin irritation is essential. If the bites occur primarily at night, bed bugs might be your uninvited visitors.

Responding to Bite Marks

Addressing skin irritation from pests may require medical assistance. Additionally, it’s critical to sanitize your home and bedding thoroughly, potentially with the aid of a professional cleaning service.

Realizing you have a pest infestation can be unsettling, but it’s a situation that’s entirely manageable with swift and strategic action. Keep a vigilant watch for each of these signs in your home, and enact the appropriate response when they appear. In St. George, professional pest control services, like St. George Preventative Pest Control are the best way to ensure your home is pest-free, safe, and healthy for all its residents.

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